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Salary Bench-marking

​​Remuneration is one of the most hotly debated topics in business, and a lack of reliable data means there simply isn't an industry benchmark in the Asset Management sector. With 2,000+ registered candidates on our database, all in the same industry, we have exceptionally accurate salary data and are well placed to advise on your remuneration structures.

Additionally, we publish an annual salary report each January, and send it to all clients, free of charge. Contact us directly if you'd like to receive your copy.

The modern interim professional is much more than someone filling a gap at short notice. The needs of our clients typically require a professional who can fill a specific short-term skills gap such as a Business Turnaround Specialist or interim CFO. As an organisation evolves, so does its requirement for human capital. An interim appointment is often a perfect solution during company turnarounds, projects, reporting seasons, or mergers and acquisitions. Our database of proven interim professionals allows us to move quickly to help your business keep moving.

​​​​​Retained Search
​We conduct search assignments for clients who require business-critical appointments. Our detail is exceptional, and with big-picture thinking, we pride ourselves on identifying and targeting the right talent for your business. During the interview stage, we gather feedback and manage candidate expectations—serving as your trusted advisor.

​​Asset Management & Private Equity Recruitment

Contact us to arrange a confidential discussion about your business requirements.

Mapping Top Talent

Market Mapping provides our clients with tailor-made in-depth intelligence of the candidate pool in their market, and is a cost-effective way of assessing potential candidates without conducting a full search. It's an excellent solution for most of our clients that may:

Be focusing on succession planning, and wanting to identify ideal candidates should the need arise

Have no immediate recruitment requirements, but be well placed to move quickly if required

Be intending to expand the business into new territories, and deciding between recruiting new talent or deploying existing staff