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Our Vision

​​Asset Management & Private Equity Recruitment

Managing Partner

      ​Gavin Walker

After 10 years as Director of an international search firm living in London and Dubai, Gavin established Walker Phillip in 2016.

Gavin continues to manage his own portfolio of clients who utilise his expertise of labour markets, HR advisory, and discreet professionalism in managing confidential appointments.

He lives in Cape Town with his wife and two children, and is a keen rugby fan and self-appointed braai master!

Our vision is to become the recruitment partner of choice for Asset Managers and Private Equity firms operating in Africa and the Middle East.

We continually improve our knowledge of the macro and micro economic issues across these regions so that we can act as true advisors to our clients. 

​Time and again a confidential recruitment partner is proven to deliver high calibre candidates. In a highly competitive talent war, an experienced Recruitment Partner will ensure that your company stands out as an employer of choice to top talent, whilst maintaining credibility and confidentiality for all parties.​

​We generate exceptionally accurate information on the talent force that enables us to act as true consultants to our clients, ultimately ensuring they hire great people who can deliver significant returns on investment.