Managing Risk During Career Changes

By Gavin Walker July 2018

It’s normal to have doubts and hesitations about the uncertainty involved, but it's manageable.

Gavin Walker discusses the latest recruitment trends with Lindsay Williams on Fine Business Radio.

4th July 2016

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How to Recruit Top Sales People into Asset Management Firms.

1st July 2016

What is Market Related Salary?

By Gavin Walker February 2018

There's no easy answer, but everyone's asking "What Should I be Earning?"

How to Resign Properly

By Gavin Walker November 2018

It's scary to resign - whether for good reasons or bad. Being mentally ready is critical in the build up to telling your boss.

Private Equity Deal Makers - Africa Style.

3rd November 2017

The Expectations of a coffee Interview

By Gavin Walker April 2018

It's an informal chat where the bar is set pretty low, but it's still a business meeting that all parties need to prepare for.

The Business Savvy Equity Analyst

14th November 2016

The Return of the Quants Analyst.

17th June 2016

Professional Interims in the Investment World

4th October 2017

Is your Recruitment Strategy ready for MiFID II?

28th August 2017

Top Tips for Building Your CV

By Gavin Walker April 2019

Your CV is a professional document, and recruiters take 6 seconds to review it (true story!). Here are some guidelines to get your CV to stand out in a crowded job market.

Top Talent not always at the Top Table.

6th February 2017

The Chief Investment Officer's Reputation is Everything (when it comes to hiring!)

31st May 2016

It's Bonus Season - Time to Sharpen Your Recruitment Strategy 

16th January 2017

The Sophisticated Job Seeker: A new generation of talent

By Gavin Walker January 2018

​Attracting Top Talent has never been more important, nor more challenging!

Interviewers - Make Sure You Prepare for Interviews!
26th April 2017

Boutique Asset Managers more appealing to Top Talent.

18th September 2017

Looking to Hire Quickly? Expect 3-6 Months.

10th October 2016

The Lonely Job Seeker.

13th September 2016 

​​Asset Management & Private Equity Recruitment

2020 Recruitment Crystal Ball

By Gavin Walker January 2020


A very rough prediction for investment recruitment in 2020.

The War For Talent

By Gavin Walker April 2019

The War for Talent is Real!! If your business isn't proactively interviewing - you'll be left to choose from C-team players.

The Lonely Job Seeker

By Gavin Walker August 2019

Looking for a job is tough, it's a lonely experience, but it's no one else's business. So be careful who you tell. And always stay positive!.

Hybrid Jobs in Asset Management

By Gavin Walker March 2018

The modern workplace demands versatility of its employees, and one of the most notable changes in the job market is the evolution of ‘hybrid jobs’